Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 is a busy and demanding but fun year at High Beeches. As well as preparing for their SATs in May, the children are given an increasing number of responsibilities including opportunities to run for roles like house ambassador and sports captains. They also enjoy being the eldest in the school and as such act as excellent role models for the rest of the school community. Our Reception-Year 6 partner system is a firm favourite amongst our Year Sixes and provides some valuable nurturing time for both year groups. Another highlight of Year 6, and for many  of their whole time at High Beeches, is the residential trip which we expect to go ahead towards the end of the academic year.  More information on our curriculum can be below.

Rowan Class Sycamore Class

Ms S Russon & Ms L MIller  - Class Teacher 

Mrs K Haines - Teaching Assistant

Miss E Champken - Class Teacher

Mrs J Drake - Teaching Assistant


The Year Six Curriculum

Units of work are coherently planned and sequenced to ensure broad and balanced coverage of the National Curriculum and there are increasing opportunities for pupils to apply their learning in a broader range of topics, allowing them to go deeper within and make connections between each subject domain and to build on knowledge and skills from prior learning.  

In English,  we use high quality texts to inspire the children to develop as authors and to enable them to use a variety of techniques to create atmosphere in their writing.

In mathematics, we use big questions to help the children to understand a range of mathematical processes and to make sense of how numbers behave.  They explore this through regular investigations which help them to make connections to prior learning and to develop a solid foundation for for future learning in secondary school.

Please click on the link below for further information about the curriculum in Year Six.

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