High Beeches Primary School

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Where possible, staff arrange an off-site visit or workshop on site lead by a third party to enhance the taught curriculum each half-term and parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of these.  The voluntary contributions range between £10 and £15 per half-term and no child will be excluded from attending such visits or workshops if their parent is not able to pay.

Additionally, pupils in Year 4 and Year 6 have the opportunity to attend residential visits, normally with a focus on outdoor and adventurous pursuits and where pupils experience being away from home with their teachers and peers.  The Year 4 visit is typically  a 1 or 2 night stay and costs between £150 to £200 and the Year 6 visit is usually 4 nights and costs £450.  Costs include transport, board and lodging and activity leadership and financial support is available for families in hardship.

To make payment for school visits, clubs and other items, please follow the link below to Schoolgateway, our e-payment provider.   Similarly, online payments for school uniform can be made directly with our uniform supplier, Stevensons, and second-hand uniform can be purchased through a parent-run Facebook page.

             Dinner money/trips etc*                         School uniform             Second-hand uniform group


 *School dinner money invoices will be sent out on a half termly basis and will detail the 'whole term/half-term' cost for your child. 

Please pay the amount as per the invoice via online system.   The School Gateway will show a running total only - not the actual amount for the whole term.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.