Admission Arrangements

Children start High Beeches in September of the school year in which they turn 5.  As a maintained school, the local authority (Hertfordshire County Council) is our admission authority and admissions to the school are subject to their admission policy.  All children are expected to start school in September after their fourth birthday.

All applications for admission to school are made through Hertfordshire County Council and admission to Reception follow a nationally agreed timeline in which all applications must be made by a set date in the middle of January of the year that a child is due to start school.  More information on this process can be found at the Hertfordshire County Council Website.

Further information on open events for new parents and on the starting school transition process can be found on our new parents page.

Information about in-year admissions (joining the school later in the Reception year or in Year 1 and above can be found on our page of the Hertfordshire admissions website.