High Beeches Primary School

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Our Staff

Leadership Team

  • Mrs C Burley – SENCO
  • Mr P Edney – Year 3/4
  • Mrs R Hill – Year 5/6, Curriculum and Assessment
  • Mrs K Harrison
  • Mrs L Priolo – Key Stage 1
  • Mrs S Shewbridge – Deputy Headteacher
  • Mr J Walker – Headteacher

School Business Support Team

  • Mrs C Murray - Office Manager
  • Mrs J Petty - School Administrator
  • Miss K Ellis – Administrative Assistant

Site Manager

  • Mr Peter Halsey

Lunchtime Supervisors

Ms O Berhili, Mrs S Osborn and Miss L O’Sullivan


Teaching Team

  • Mrs L Priolo and Mrs K Rawson – Reception
  • Mrs J Hughes/Mrs H Richardson and Mrs S Roberson/Mrs A Cunningham – Year 1
  • Miss O Wills and Mrs K Harrison/Mrs A Stevenson – Year 2
  • Ms L Dixon and Miss L Tinker  – Year 3
  • Mr P Edney and Ms S Russon/Mrs S Button – Year 4
  • Mr E Gardiner and Miss E Pike – Year 5
  • Miss E Champken and Mrs R Hill – Year 6
  • Mr M Young - PPA and Leadership Release
  • Mrs J Sands – Music
  • Mr S George – Sports Coach

Learning Support Team

Mrs K Barker, Mrs R Bowles, Mrs J Drake, Miss A Gahchan, Mrs C Jones, Mrs S Jones, Mrs K Haines, Mrs C Halsey, Mrs J Jenkinson, Mrs C Lees, Mrs J McDowall, Mrs L Pemberthy, Mrs S Shafer, Mrs F Stockley, Miss S Thrale, Mrs V Venus, Mrs S Ward, Mrs B Wilkinson (SAL) and Mrs K Wilson


Librarian - Mrs C Homer-Brine