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Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception where we are learning detectives!  The children learn through fun and engaging activities which are planned using the current topic, which is linked to the children’s’ own interests and to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. 

We work with our class teacher and teaching assistant for part of each day, often learning about phonics, writing or maths and children from both classes learn together during our play based learning time.  This is when we learn through play and investigate our own interests. We love to learn outside and so we go into the Reception outdoor classroom everyday (weather permitting) and our forest schools area as often as possible. 

Chestnut Class Oak Class

MIss K Jackson

Miss L Luyk - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Knights - Class Teacher

Mrs K Stedman - Teaching Assistant

The current COVID19 restrictions mean that we are unable to host parents in school for our usual Year Group Welcome Meeting.  Please watch the video presentation (right) for some introductory information on starting Reception.


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The Reception Curriculum

In Reception, pupils follow the Early Years Foundations Stage framework.  A strong focus on growth mindset and independent thinking and learning means the children quickly become integrated into the life of the whole school.  The curriculum prepares them well for the transition into Key Stage 1, with provision becoming closer to that of Year 1 as the year progresses.  

Staff use the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme to teach phonics and pupils read widely and often.  Provision is adapted to meet the needs and interests of individuals and early intervention to support personal-social development, language acquisition, phonics and number work ensures that attainment gaps are closed or narrowed and pupils can access the curriculum as independently as possible. 

Please click on the link below for further information about the curriculum in Reception.

Useful Links and Other Information

Learning from Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Please follow the links below for home learning for pupils who are well and required to self-isolate.


Click on the following links for useful information from external website.

 Show and Tell 

There is a strong focus on language acquisition.  This involves a variety of opportunities for children to listen and to speak.  One such opportunity is Show and Tell.  This is when a child brings in an object from home that is in some way special to him or herself and has the opportunity to talk about it to the class.  This is organised by house group and parents can download the timetable here.

 Secret Storyteller!

To promote the importance and a love of reading, we would like to invite parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties and members of the community to sign up to ‘sneak’ into school at the end of the day (approx 2:45PM) and read a story to the class, without letting any of the children know! The book choice is up to you - it could be your favourite from when you were little or your child's favourite. We only ask that the story lasts no longer than 10 minutes.

If you think you would like to become a "secret storyteller" please have a quiet word with the class' parent rep. We will also be able to tell you our availability on the door.

Thank you and ssssshhhhh!!!

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