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  1. COVID19 Pandemic

COVID19 Pandemic

Following the successful return to school of all year groups in half-class-sized bubbles, part-time during the second half of the Summer term 2020, we were pleased to be able to welcome all year groups back to school full-time for the whole of the Autumn term with only one year group bubble having to self-isolate during the final week of term due to a single case of Coronavirus in school.  However, we were really disappointed to have to remain closed during the national lockdown and school closure during the first 7 weeks of the Spring term and were pleased to be able to welcome everyone back to school on 8 March 2021.

The latest government operational guidance continues to stipulate that schools must operate protective bubbles to minimise the number of contacts each pupil and member of staff has in school and continue to be expected to keep the movement of adults around the school site to a minimum.  More details can be found in the useful documents section (right). 

We are still required to operate a staggered day, in order to minimise contact between pupils in different bubbles and almost all timings will remain the same as they were during the Autumn term (see table right).  However, we are now requesting that, instead of waiting outside the school entrance, parents of children in Reception to Year 4 come onto site at the end of the school day to collect their child from outside their classroom.  We hope this will reduce crowding outside the gates, thereby reducing both COVID risk and the risk from road traffic.  There should only be 1 adult per family and they should follow a one-way route similar to the current morning drop-off arrangements, coming in through the gates on the Willow Court side of the site and leaving via the gates closest to Ashwell Park. Those collecting children from Years 1 to 4 should take the path to the right-hand side of the meadow building, proceed around the building and exit the main school compound via the path between the 2 buildings, to avoid congestion. 

Children in Years 5 and 6 should leave the school site independently and should walk home or arrange to meet their parents in the locality, if it is safe to do so.  Alternatively, they may meet parents outside the school gates if this is more suitable.

Unfortunately, the increased number of adults on site does mean that we will no longer be able to hold siblings to be collected at the time of the latest year group.  Parents with more than 1 child are therefore requested to collect each child from their classroom at the allotted time.  Parents collecting from Reception to Year 2 should leave the site or wait on the drive, before returning to the collect children who leave later.  Those collecting from both Year 3 and Year 4 should wait in a socially distanced manner on the rear playground for the children to be dismissed from both year groups.

At the present time, we are unsure for how long these arrangements will be in place and will update parents as regularly as possible in line with government and local authority advice and taking account of the prevalence of Coronavirus in the local or wider community.  Details of start and finish times of our staggered school day can be sign right.

In the event that pupils are required to self-isolate following possible contact with someone who has tested positive with Coronavirus, remote learning will be delivered through Tapestry, our online learning journal for children in Reception, and Seesaw, our remote learning platform for those in Years 1 to 6.  Links to these, as well as to other online learning materials, are available below.

Staggered Start and Finish to the School Day from Mxrch 2021

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